The Brave Ball (indie game)

The Brave Ball

Brave Ball is a 3d ball rolling platformer video game which also have adventure and puzzle  and story and etc ! 

Brave Ball game tells you the story of ball’s  land which devilish ball (or satanic ball) want’s own whole of that , player  play as brave ball and should stop devilish ball plan’s  with help of it’s friend warrior ball .

ball which are in ball’s land are alive unlike the real world !


important feature of this game:

fun themed game !

special story (ball’s land story)

five beautiful  fantasy level (main level) (fantasy jungle , dark jungle , sandy desert , robotic city , devilish city (or satanic city) )

special boss fights  which have special way to be destroyed


fantasy graphics

one of the most complete game in ball rolling games !

 genre :

this game is a platformer game (non shooter action)  which have also adventure elements , also in this game you can find puzzles

we can say this game is a 3d ball rolling platformer game


visual theme of this game is almost fantasy . ball’s land is a fantasy world which balls in that are alive !


there are four class for balls  :

orange balls  :
balls which are in this class are mainly good , most of them are brave and powerful and kind and smart .

black balls :

most of them are devil followers !  almost all of them are Ruthless  and money lover ! they also love power ! last level  boss fight (devilish ball) is in this class .

Cyber balls:

these balls are hybrid ! they are both ball and robot ! level four boss fight is in this class (surely that’s bad)

sandy balls :

these balls live in sandy desert , most of them are patient . level there boss fight is in this class (surely that’s bad)


at this time PC and high probably Android (and maybe ios and windows phone )

release date:

high probably 2014

and there are lots of others things about this game which i will reveal soon !

thanks a lot !

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